Mavic Pro- A drone that folds

Anyone who has lugged a drone into the field or traveled with one an a plane knows they’re awkward to carry. DJI has worked to address that issue with its Mavic Pro. The unit folds down to the size of a water bottle (albeit a largish one) between flights. As to the specs of the drone itself, DJI has taken some popular features from its Phantom product line, and put them in a smaller and slightly less expensive unit. The Mavic Pro has collision avoidance and a 4-mile range, like the Phantom 4 (below), but uses your mobile device for control and has a lower-resolution 12MP sensor. It can still capture 4K video, but only up to 30fps.

Like the Phantom 4 Pro, the Mavic Pro can track objects, which can include people, pets, vehicles, and bike riders, for example. It can capture 1080p video at 96fps, which is fast enough for some slow-motion effects.